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Freezepop's JEM! Freezepop's JEM!

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Well all I can really say about this flash is that it generally fails. There was hardly any actual hand drawn animation except for the badly drawn, blue box. In fact this is hardly suitable to be called a "flash" or to be posted on to newgrounds because:

1. That squiggly box needs only 1 point of effort out of 100.
2. The majority of the video was not actually 'created' using flash.
3. Your dancing fails.

The only thing that really makes it a flash is that it was converted into a flash file so that it could be uploaded on to newgrounds.

Really kid, if you want to get a deal with some dancing company then go post it on some sad site like youtube where everyone 'pretends' to care but they don't because youtube=nearly as fail as you. Believe me, it will make sure you don't waste your own time or any one else's.

As for constructive criticism:

1.Never make another thing like this again.
2.Try using flash to actually animate and draw characters that move and talk rather than just converting and scribbling blue boxes.
3.Take some dancing lessons.
4. Pick more 'interesting' songs.
5. Grow a beard.
6. Paint your room a more interesting color which suits the mood of what ever you are animating and or filming.
7. When filming yourself, add a greater variety of dancing moves rather than just cutting and pasting clips.
8. Make a flash with more than one character.
9. Make a flash with at least a hint of a story line.
10. Add more funny.
11. Add more action.
12. Add more dancing.
13. Add more violence.
14. Add more effort.
15. Add more animation.
16. And add more awesome and you will win!

PS: I've seen far worse than this so you don't completely fail.

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=[A Wave of the Future]= =[A Wave of the Future]=

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

Overall this is a great song with good use of filters but I have noticed that most of what you are using are just samples from other artists with limited use of original input. Really this is a great song but it mostly just uses old samples which you've cut up or filtered.